Amazing Technology – Superior Service

As a credit union service organization (CUSO), Member Access Pacific’s business model remains true to the core credit union value of credit unions partnering cooperatively. MAP provides a comprehensive platform of Issuer and Acquirer solutions customized to your corporate strategies and member goals. We combine our credit union focus and superior service and support for credit unions and their members with the advanced card processing and technology strength of global industry leaders for unmatched solutions designed to improve the technological strength and prosperity of our clients – simply, confidently, and conveniently. This is made possible through the unique blend of processing and network systems, business partners and product lines specifically designed to meet the growing needs of member cardholders. As an organization, Member Access Pacific is network and processor neutral. This allows us to consult and to serve based upon the individual needs and goals of our credit union clients—and to present optimum solutions and business relationships tailored to each client.

Our national presence and co-operative foundation deliver premium processing solutions to credit unions beyond the scope of the current industry. These solutions follow all the way through the chain–from new product development and delivery to card processing strategies, service, training, support and member satisfaction.Card and ATM ProcessingMAP integrated advanced delivery systems provide global technology solutions, service and productsRobust Integrated Delivery Systems Customized single-point Debit, Credit, ATM, pre-paid options such as gift, payroll, travel and “underserved” solutions.Profitable Strategic Alliances Designed to boost issuer profitability, cardholder loyalty and serviceQuality of ServiceDemonstrated client and cardholder satisfaction ratings.

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